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The 23th Waffen-SS Volunteer Grenadier Division NEDERLAND
An illustrated history
This book is a detailed history of the 23rd Waffen-SS Division aNederland,a the Dutch volunteer SS combat formation. Employed exclusively on the Eastern Front, except for a brief period in Croatia, the aNederlanda formations participated in many of the most difficult defensive battles on the northeastern front: Leningrad, the Narva bridgehead, the Tannenberg line, Dorpat, in Kurland, Pomerania, and the Oder front, until the desperate battle of the Halbe Pocket where the remnants of the division managed to avoid total annihilation, escaping the Soviets and surrendering to American forces. In all of these battles the Nederland volunteers showed their valor as true Waffen-SS combatants, always in the front lines and always under constant enemy pressure. This complete treatment fills a large gap in Waffen-SS history. Informative appendices not only relate to the unit's operational history, but also provide details on some of its members, as well as uniforms and insignia.
Size: 9'' x 12'' | 390 b/w images | 144 pp - ISBN13: 9780764350733 | Binding: hard cover
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